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Just wanted to follow up on the upcoming reunion and update you on our plans for 9 June. The Squadron HQ, barracks, and motor pool will be open to 7th Cavalry alumni and their families from 1330 to 1630 on Friday, 9 June. Former members of the organization will be able to tour the headquarters and we will have a Bradley Fighting Vehicle and M1A2 Abrams Tank on display in our motor pool. Our motor pool is located directly across the street. The HQ is located on the corner of Old Ironsides Ave and 76th Street.

1-7 CAV Troopers will also be manning vehicles and have night vision devices at the 1CD Museum Static Display from 1000-1300. That night, we will be in period dress for the Spirit of the CAV performance as well.

9 June
0600 - 0730 1st Cavalry Division Run
1000-1300 1CD Museum Static Display (1-7 CAV Soldiers manning stations)
1330-1630 Open House at the Garryowen HQ (76th St and Old Ironsides Ave)
1800-2100 Spirit of the CAV Performance

I have included our XO (MAJ Tommy Burns), S3 (MAJ Justin Malone), and S1 (LT Victoria Ellis) on the CC line to facilitate any coordination or information you need from us.

A query we often get is regarding "Combat Spur" certificates. I don't have a problem with signing them for veterans who were either overlooked during their combat tour or lost them over the years. It would be helpful if we could get the names and verified service period of any 7th Cavalry members who this applies to beforehand to prepare the certificates. If they would like, we can formally present them during the open house.

Again, I hope this finds you well and look forward to meeting you in June.

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LTC Kevin D. Bradley
1st Squadron, 7th U.S. Cavalry

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