Battle of LZ Dot-Srốc Con Trăng - 13/14-Nov-1968

by Richard W Magner @, Friday, March 08, 2019, 07:58 (355 days ago)

I am seeking veterans of the 5th Bn, 7th Cav that came to the aid of the LZ Dot in the 13-Nov-1968 battle.
J.D. Coleman references 3 companies from the 5th Battalion did the sweep directly after the battle. Eventually 287 NVA KIAs were buried at Dot-Srốc Con Trăng.
Which companies of the 5th involved, I have not been able to identify.

I was a Cobra pilot also with D/229th/1st Cav in 68 & 69. I have put a lot of effort into locating the mass grave from the Battle of Dau Tieng, Feb 22/23, 69 where I was based. The main focus of my research is to assist the Vietnamese locate mass graves near the perimeters of FSBs & LZs where battles were fought. The Vietnamese are presently performing an exploratory dig at Dau Tieng. Hopefully, they will be successful and complete the excavating so the spirits may rest and the families will finally find solace.

I have read all the Battle of LZ Dot-Srốc Con Trăng after-action reports. Fellow Cav pilot, Robert F. Hartley with whom I have conversed describes his support of LZ Dot in his book “Gunship Pilot”, chapter 20 for which he received the DFC. It is his memory from flying cover the next morning that a grave was dug less than 200 meters to the southeast. In some of my previous efforts, I found the grave to be located outside the perimeter near the direction from where the main NVA/VC assaults originated.

In all my research, I have yet to discover a drawing or aerial photo of LZ Dot.
Lat & Lon of LZ Dot: 11.620947,106.432696

The fire support base was manned by the 36th ARVN Rangers with an American advisor, Army Captain Frederick L. Kuhns. The artillery unit was D Battery, 1st Battalion, 5th Artillery, 1st Division under operational control of the 1st Cav’s 2nd Brigade. I have been unsuccessful searching for any records of the Battery D, 1st Battalion, 5th Artillery from the Vietnam War, after many inquires through Ft. Riley and the First Division Museum.

Any thoughts and assistance from veterans of the 5th/7th regarding the sweep of LZ Dot and the possible grave there will be greatly appreciated.

All the best,

Richard Magner
Tiger 38, D/229th(Smiling Tigers), 1st Cav 68/69

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